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The most accurate estimates for interior finish jobs

Getting an accurate estimate is critical for contractors in interior finishes trades. Cutting waste and improving accuracy can make all the difference. 1build develops precision estimates for a variety of interior finish contractors, including drywall contractors, painting contractors, flooring contractors, and wall and floor covering contractors.

Drywall contractors

Eliminate waste with our material maximization algorithm.

Painting contractors

Get the exact square footage so you never waste another drop.

Flooring contractors

No matter the shape of the room, get accurate material rates every time.

A wide range of framing projects

No matter what type of project you’re bidding on, you can feel confident that 1build will prepare detailed and accurate estimates that will ensure your success.1build has helped drywall contractors, painting contractors, and flooring contractors nail their numbers on a wide range of projects, such as multi-family complexes, educational facilities, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and even restaurants.

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Maximize value with 1build

Interior finish trades have special needs when it comes to estimates. You need a construction estimating service that has deep expertise in your trade and can provide you with a comprehensive estimate that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. 1build final estimate includes all of the following, designed to provide maximum value and help you win more bids:

Budget summary

Material and labor costs

Labor hours

Marked up drawing plans

Custom margin adjustments

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