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1build is the best cost estimating service for growing contractors and subcontractors in the Northeastern U.S. We’ve developed hundreds of winning estimates for customers in every major city and metro area in the greater Northeast.

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Locations we serve

1build has deep expertise in developing professional cost estimates throughout the Northeast. In fact, we specialize in providing the most complete cost estimating services in the area.
Here are just a few of the cities and areas in the Northeast we serve:

Bronx, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Jersey City, NJ

Newark, NJ

New York, NY

If you’re a retail contractor in New York working on a bank project, 1build can get you a high-quality estimate fast. Whether your project is large or small, we can turn around your estimates in a matter of days. Similarly, if you’re a concrete subcontractor and need a takeoff for a restaurant in Newark NJ, 1build will quickly connect you to an experienced estimator in your trade and prepare a winning estimate so you can meet your bid submission deadline.
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We’ve partnered with the best suppliers in the Northeast

Our customers benefit from the fact that our estimates always contain the most current pricing information because we’ve partnered with the best local suppliers in the Northeast. Access to local pricing information enables us to develop the most detailed and accurate estimates and takeoffs in the Northeast, ensuring your final bid will be competitive and profitable.

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“The project process was fantastic! Sheesh, so simple.”

Jordan Iverson
General Contractor, Owner

“I’m impressed with the quality of service, and the accuracy of their estimates.

Ricky Hunt
General Contractor, Owner

1build clears my plate so I’m helping my entire company while 1build is working for me.

Fred Berger
Construction Department Manager

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