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Get estimates from experts in your trade. 

Who uses 1build?

1build is proud to serve subcontractors like you. No matter your role, 1build will provide detailed and accurate estimates that will help you win projects, stay on budget, and keep your company profitable.


Who want to grow their business and eliminate the headaches of cost estimation

Project managers

Who are looking to reduce risk and ensure profit margins


Who need help on some estimating tasks or require estimation expertise outside their domain

Built for Subcontractors

Detailed & Accurate Estimates 

1build provides detailed and accurate estimates for all trades.

Trade Expertise

1build’s estimators have decades of experience in every trade, including concrete, electrical, drywall, roofing, painting and framing.  
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The vote is in: Subcontractors love 1build

“The project process was fantastic! Sheesh, so simple.”

Jordan Iverson
General Contractor, Owner

“I’m impressed with the quality of service, and the accuracy of their estimates.

Ricky Hunt
General Contractor, Owner

1build clears my plate so I’m helping my entire company while 1build is working for me.

Fred Berger
Construction Department Manager

Stop wasting time and start winning bids.

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